I feel like I’m not fully developed.
I’m still a caterpillar who doesn’t know how to fly, a device not completely charged, or a book that hasn’t been finished reading yet. It’s amazing yet disturbing to see that most of the people you pass in life are already sure of themselves. Life’s like a quiz, and it seems that they already know the answers without even looking at the questions.

Me? Well, my thoughts are not constant.They change from time to time. However, I’ve always wanted to be like the heavens. I want to be the stars and the moon which everyone will look up to. I want to be the ocean because I want to drown them in my vastness and depth. I swallow my own waves. I want to be the gravity, which holds everything in place. I want to be the one which they didn’t know they needed. Sometimes I create thunders, but no one can hear them. I have experienced the continental drift on my heart. The cracks travel around my body.

See, I’m still in my cocoon. But one day I’m going to explode, and I’m going to obliterate everything in my wake. I’m on my way to becoming a butterfly. As I take another step, I become more aware of my screaming colors. It’s okay if I don’t wake up just yet. Soon, soon.


(image by wildfire033)

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