To the stars, I stumble

I can hear the hums of the airplanes as I step out of the taxi. Some people were jumping with joy, and some are crying as they bid their last goodbyes to their loved ones. This will be an adventure, I thought to myself. It was the summer I lived in my full potential.

As I hear the doors of the airplane close and the engine starting to roar, my heart began to thump loudly. Two hours later, I’m standing at a pier in Cebu overlooking the ocean. My stomach was growling. But it growled louder when I heard that we are going to travel for another hour to Bohol. Thankfully, I didn’t puke on the boat trip even though it felt like an extreme ride in an amusement park. On the last day I was able to take a stroll with my family along the beach. It was past seven, and the different constellations smile at me from above. There they were, pinned to the sky like a masterpiece. I hear the salty ocean air reverberate as if I placed a shell against my ear. There were people talking nearby, and the distant lights make it look like a scene from a movie. I will keep that moment in my heart forever. That view, together with the rustling leaves and the camera clicks are one of the most exquisite moments in my life. Those are the kind of moments I live for. “okay ka lang?” mama asked. “this is beautiful, ma.” And she just looked at me.

The thing is, while I was walking, I didn’t notice that there was a string slightly above the ground. That made me stumble, which made my family laugh hysterically. And even though my whole being crashed in the sand face first and I had to change my clothes after, it was the best stargazing experience I had in my life.


(image from WeHeartIt user @hiba_11)


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