overthinking is a disease. it cripples you. it tears your foundations down brick by brick until you are made of nothing but puff of powders in a smoke. fight back, hun. do not let it consume you; it never has to win. the next time you find yourself worrying more and more, pick up the pace and sprint away. it won a lot of times already and you lost many parts of yourself in the process. why let that disease win when you can let it rot in hell?


Please break my heart.
Break my heart so that I will write about you. Break my heart so that the whole world will know who you are. Break my heart, love me once more, then leave and haunt me again.

Please tell me you love me.
Because I know that you don’t.

Please make me wait.
Make me wait for nothing. Tell me to be patient. Tell me that destiny chooses the best timing, and that one day we will have what we can call “ours”, so that I will have something to hope for.

Please keep me away from the world.
Don’t tell your mom about me. Don’t even mention my name. Hide me in the darkest corner of your mind, so that somehow, I will feel special—only thought of by you.

And one day when you realize how kind of a person you are for doing all of these sincerely, please come to me. I will be waiting for you.

I will be waiting for you to break my heart again.

(image source: WeHeartIt user @Pink_Slippers)


“If I could be anything I liked, I’d be a doorman. I’d spend my life opening all the doors I can’t open now. Get a little hungry? Open a door. Want to go outside? Open a door. All day long I’d open doors.”

-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, The Healing of Texas Jake

(Graphic illustration from Tumblr user Shuntheshun via 6hd)