Dear future husband

I do not waste my time and energy on useless conversations, love. Talk to me about your fears. Or what keeps you going. Tell me about your dreams, your thoughts, and your eyes. How do you like to see things through them? Tell me the first time you were able to forgive yourself. Tell me a story, a good story. Maybe about a little boy who fell in love with painting and never stopped. Or a teenager with that fucking fear of asking a girl out. Or that “live in the moment” kind of man who stepped out of his comfort zone raising a middle finger at life.

See, I crave long and intimate conversations at 1:58. But not the kind that makes you want to have sex. I have my own definition of intimacy.
I want to hear what you think. I want to feel the warmth of your soul. I want to unravel you without being naked.
Take me to an art museum and then stare at me like I’m a masterpiece.
Kiss me while I’m in the middle of saying something.
Tell me if I’m being a pain in the ass.
Pick fights with me, spoil me, drag me to the roof and convince me how important it is to see how beautiful the stars are tonight.
Handle my feelings with care and I will love you forever.
Give me your heart and in return,
I will give you
my word.


(photographer yet unknown)

I Will Never

No matter how much the wait stings
or how much you annoy me
or how often you try to kid around just to make me laugh
I will never
tell you
that I love you
because by that time
you would have known it already
or guessed, maybe
you will smile
and wonder what it feels like to be held
by the universe
and I,
I will smile back.
For that will be the moment
that you
will have completely known
that the you you are now and the you you will be
is loved
by me.

(Photographer yet unknown)

This keeps happening

Every time I was asked to write an about me, it turns into an about my feelings for him.

It’s weird. The way he makes me feel is like waiting for an aftershock of a disastrous earthquake. It doesn’t seem to end. One minute I thought that I was okay, that I was free to take a stroll outside my comfort zone with my tangible thoughts. But a second later I’m quivering with fear, anxiousness, and excitement; I don’t know why I can be so excited about something that makes my blood boil. Maybe that’s what I like. Maybe, my fears make me feel alive. That’s what he does to me– he wakes up every cell in my body with a single touch. One look and I’m shattering to pieces. See, this whole paragraph turned into something else. I can’t get a hold of my feelings, I always write about him. It’s impossibly wonderful to believe that I know him too well. I can still continue writing about him, you know. But I’m afraid a book or two can’t still be enough. I still know myself more than I know him, though. It’s just that I never fail to notice the little things he does that capture my interest.

So much for an about me.


(image by menpale)

“Never date a writer.”

So I came across this post when I was scrolling in my feed. They say that dating writers can be very risky because of the utopia they somehow create in their minds; and because they never, ever, fail to write everything about you.

“There’s this amazing boy I know who I’m too afraid to befriend,” it said. “Simply because I’m crushing on him so hard and I always don’t know what to say. If he knew even half the things I say about him, he’ll probably be beyond shocked.”

“Things like, ‘He is incomparable to all the muses of every existing angel in this world’ or ‘He may not be the head-turner or the star of among all the other guys, but he is perfect [for] me. Perfectly imperfect, that’s what he is.'”

Why wouldn’t you date a writer? Can’t stand that their mind works millions of different ways?

If you’re looking for an honest and sincere relationship, then date a writer. If you don’t, then I don’t give a damn about you. Because, out of all people, writers are the ones who see. If a writer falls in love with you, you’re lucky. You might as well consider yourself as an immortal (Tahereh Mafi: words will live as long as people can remember them.) They notice every single detail about something they love, and they convert their feelings into words. The best thing about them is that when they fall in love, they don’t fall hard. They fall deep. I think that’s beautiful.

Don’t be afraid of dating someone who writes.
Be afraid of dating someone who doesn’t.