Magic is her middle name.
And rarely, she plays by the rules of the game.
Rumbles of leaves sing to her everyday.
“Junk is art,” she used to say.
On the fragile phase, she hid.
Repeating “I am not a kid.”
Iridescent lights flash between her eyes above,
Encased by grief is the girl who has never been in love.

((suggested song with this vibe: Georgia by Vance Joy))
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The Band Made of Rubber

I hold your world in place

With all my might

I search for scattered things,

Give them a hug; tight, so tight.

I hold your world in place,

And stretch my way through life.

But I hurt you when I break.

So don’t force me on things

You know I won’t like.

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I Will Never

No matter how much the wait stings
or how much you annoy me
or how often you try to kid around just to make me laugh
I will never
tell you
that I love you
because by that time
you would have known it already
or guessed, maybe
you will smile
and wonder what it feels like to be held
by the universe
and I,
I will smile back.
For that will be the moment
that you
will have completely known
that the you you are now and the you you will be
is loved
by me.

(Photographer yet unknown)


When the music starts,
it doesn’t feel like something nice.
The trees say hello
but the doors bang louder.
It keeps on telling you
you can’t
because you’re blue,
you’re blue,
you’re blue.
The tides splash in unison
that swallow you whole
down the seabed,
around the ocean floor.
When you tell yourself it’s time you do,
they remind you that  you’re blue you’re blue you’re blue.

The streaks of your long, vibrant hair
fall under your lower hip.
But why do you sell yourself short?

The color of your eyes begins to fade
and your life has been miserable for the past decade.
When the only person you can trust
is you,
it’s hard to forget
the blue,
your blue,
you’re blue.

(Artist yet unknown)

As soft as the sun that sets

Pinned to my heart are the vines that still glow,

The right of wrongs that manages to grow.

Two marbles lying on a soft leaf bed,

Between the last streak of words left unsaid.

And in the boulevard of broken dreams

Your words were what you used at best, it seems.

We were trapped in a world of games and bets.

But your lips… They’re soft as the sun that sets.

Those touches spread like wildfire all around

As if all my bones are dislocating.

This is an opera I’d love to see

As my eyelashes flutter secretly.

We are but feral creatures trapped inside,

Torn with all the feelings we cannot hide.

(artwork by Soltreiss)


There’s this story I heard
about a little star
that lives in a castle
behind the dark old bars

She sits there for decades
so quiet yet so loud
she speaks to nobody,
she’s a dust in a cloud

The star waits for true love
someday it will pass by
but something once left her
without telling her why.