I said I would write how I feel
But somehow the paper stayed empty
And I could not have described me better



Near you

It struck me that when you are near,
My hands get tied in knots.
I get preoccupied with fear,
I lose myself in my thoughts.

You make me forget that I have knees at all
And everything else goes wild
Those memories of us that I recall
Is saved by this hopeless romantic child.



Stripe to stripes

In the name of my feelings,
My heart would gladly skip a beat.
You’re a burning candle,
And I’m loving the heat.

I want you to see my embers,
You’ll ache for them soon.
I have a thing with Septembers,
Below the stars and the shining moon.

The click of two coins
Is the sound I hear the most.
I have to be honest.
I started this when I saw your post.

It’s unnecessary that my mind
Thinks of you continuously.
I wish I could rewind
And drop my guard to be free.

This is a catastrophe
Which I buried myself in,
I’m rolling with insanity
As I think of every time you win.

Get out, get out.
You broke my heart twice.
You made me fall for you,
And you will pay the price.

Sometimes I can’t,
And sometimes I don’t.
I know I have to move on,
But… I won’t.